Sailing Ship Adventures

Navigation & Seamanship Training Voyages

These are voyages on which you can learn practical skills and train for your own offshore sailing. These voyages usually include class time onboard, as well as skills training & practice while underway.

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Current Sales/Deals/Discounts

These are voyages where either price-off or value-added promotions are currently being offered.

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Tall Ship Races & Events

These are voyages involved with tall ship races and/or events, such as:
* The annual American Sail Training Association's Tall Ships Challenge series,
* Sail Training International's annual tall ship events in Europe,
* Antigua Classic Race Week

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SCUBA Diving Cruises

Many sailing vessels are outfitted to serve as live aboard bases for Scuba diving. Diving areas include the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas, the coastal islands of Thailand on the Andaman Sea, Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and more. Call to ask about any area you are interested in exploring, and we will do our best to find you a vessel to accommodate your needs.

Call for details on dive sites.

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Holiday Voyages

These are voyages during holiday periods. If you don't see a voyage on the holiday you are interested in, give us a call.

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Educationally-themed voyages

These are educational voyages with themes featuring history, visual &/or performing arts, architecture, wine tasting, or natural history. Groups on these voyages are hosted by one or more guest lecturers.

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Singles Voyages

Come sailing and meet your shipmate. You're bound to meet that certain someone, and if not, we promise a lot of fun, great weather, and some gorgeous beach stops along the way. These Windjammer singles voyages are an institution, with a track record of success.

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Entertainment Voyages

These are voyages with some featured entertainment onboard or ashore during the voyage, such as Folk Festivals, or Blues Cruises.

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Tall Ships America Ships

If you are looking for real Adventure Under Sail, this is the place to start!

On this page you will find the sail training vessels of Tall Ships America, formerly known as the American Sail Training Association... They offer both adventure and learning, for youth of all ages.

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Voyages for Individuals with Disabilities

These voyages are on ships purpose-built to accommodate passengers with a wide variety of disabilities. Passengers engage in sail training, and participate in the sailing of the vessel. Professional crew are trained not only in sailing, but in assisting those with disabilities to participate and learn.

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